Goldman Sachs internship interview experience (off-campus)

How I was able to know about this offer ?

On LinkedIn someone posted that Goldman Sachs has opened an off-campus Engineering Campus Hiring Program. I registered in this program and several rounds were conducted.

  • Numerical Reasoning -12 questions
  • Comprehension — 10 questions
  • Abstract Reasoning — 12 questions
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning — 12 questions
  • Logical Reasoning — 12 questions
  • Subjective — 2 questions
  1. Try to prepare HR questions so that you will be familiar at that time .
  2. Practice some basic questions like tell me about yourself , describe your project in front of the mirror so this will boost your confidence.
  3. Give a brute force solution and then optimize it to try to figure the corner cases , ask questions to the interviewer they will surely help you out.

How I prepared myself for the entire process

  1. Topics : Dynamic Programming , Graph , Tree , Linked List , Stack
  2. Must do coding problem
  3. Read previous interview experience and solve puzzle from gfg so that you get idea how the question are asked and these things helped me a lot .
  4. Try to solve as many question you can solve on Leetcode and interviewbit for more detail read this.